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Do your city a favor: Buy local

Did you think about how you were affecting your city the last time you bought a cup of coffee? How about your last outfit? If not, you might want to. Statistics show where you choose to spend your money could have a big impact on your local economy. An infographic by...


CHStechgirl’s 3 big takeaways from Dig South

(Far left) Dig South founder Stanfield Gray speaks to the crowd at  Upload Charleston, the official Dig South welcome event.  (Middle)  Grier Allen of BoomTown talks about his early efforts to get the company off the ground.(Far right) A panel of experts talks about how to get innovation districts started.  The week southern...


Trainer makes big move, opens his own studio

Certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant Damon Smith is making a big change this year – he’s starting his own fitness studio. The trainer is opening his studio on Monday, February 23rd, after cleaning and renovating a newly rented space at 1990 Maybank Highway on James Island. While Smith knows that...